Who we are?

About Studio Ekspert d.o.o.

After conducting business for 23 years among the leading providers on the market, we are a partner where your trust is built on wisdom.


The mission of Studio Ekspert is to assess damage and valuate motor vehicle, vessels, equipment and property in claim cases for the insurance, leasing, court or tax purposes.
Trust built on solid foundations
The start of our business in the field of insurance is in the early 70s, when there were only two national insurance companies in Slovenia – Triglav and Croatia. With the Slovenian independence and later the accession into the developed Europe, our constant development of knowledge was supplemented by the rich practice of cooperation with the largest insurance companies in the world. Today, after 23 years of operation, Studio Ekspert is among the leading providers on the market – a partner where your trust is built on wisdom.

International cooperation
Even abroad, Studio Ekspert is an established name, as we cooperate with foreign companies that provide similar services, as well as insurance companies. We can provide services in numerous foreign languages, thus building greater trust among partners and resolving the claims case in the shortest possible times. Our area of operations is not limited to the territory where we are located and conduct our business. If needed, we conduct field work throughout the EU.

New in Studio Ekspert

For our customers, we expanded our services with a short-term or long-term lease of vehicles. You can choose among various vehicles, which will appeal to even the most discerning customers, since we provide high quality and reliable brands. Therefore, many decide to lease BMW and MINI vehicles from us.

What do we do?

Areas where we can provide assistance

  • Assessing motor vehicle damage
  • Assessing vessel damage
  • Assessing property damage
  • Legal representation in loss events
  • Vehicle valuation for all purposes
  • Machine and equipment valuation
  • Vessel valuation
  • Real estate valuation
  • Filing claims with domestic and foreign insurance companies for material and non-material damage
  • Short-term lease of vehicles
  • Long-term lease of vehicles
  • BMW vehicle Rent-A-Car
  • MINI vehicle Rent-A-Car

Why choose us?

Our numbers demonstrate our rich practical experiences.

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