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When performing our services, we believe in details, which change average into excellent, excellent into the best, appropriate into the most appropriate.

  • Claims centre
  • Valuation
  • Rent-A-Car
  • Legal representation

Appraising and reporting claims
Our highly professional and experienced employees will arrange the claim report and thoroughly check the damaged object in the shortest possible time: motor vehicle, machine or equipment, all sorts of residential movable property or real estate. We then provide an opinion on the incurred damage or the value of the object – as an appraisal report, with which you can identify the loss event, alone or with our help, for the appropriate purpose.

Even abroad, Studio Ekspert is an established name, as we cooperate with foreign companies that provide similar services, as well as insurance companies. We can provide services in numerous foreign languages, thus building greater trust among partners and resolving the claims case in the shortest possible times. Our area of operations is not limited to the territory where we are located and conduct our business. If needed, we conduct field work throughout the EU.

Many years of experience
We first faced valuations of seized or returned vehicles and other objects for leasing companies in 1997. Since then, we have been performing such services for practically all larger leasing companies in Slovenia, occasionally even abroad through our partners. Due to legislation changes and a tax increase, imports of used vehicles have fallen, however, we are still among the most recognised in this line of business, even enjoying the trust of public authorities.

Valuation for various purposes
Valuation for leasing, valuation for tax purposes, valuation for court purposes, vehicle valuation for all purposes, machine and equipment valuation, vessel valuation, real estate valuation.

Flexibility of services
For our customers, we expanded our services with a short-term or long-term lease of vehicles.

Rent-A-Car BMW and MINI vehicles
You can choose among various vehicles, which will appeal to even the most discerning customers, since we provide high quality and reliable brands. Therefore, many decide to lease BMW and MINI vehicles from us.

When you need us the most…
Every loss event is unpleasant. Some can be partially or completely mitigated with a financial compensation, but in most cases, the money is not sufficient. Considering that you already suffered a loss, do not hesitate to accept the help and opinions of an expert, who studied many years to represent injured parties that usually can not match the legal explanations of opposing parties. In a partnership relationship with renowned legal representatives, we help when you need help the most, both in Slovenia and abroad.

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